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Here is a thought for general contractors:

How do you accommodate testers on your jobsite?

Understandably, when you are managing several moving components of a high-stakes project, the comfort of testers may not be at the top of your priority list. But when you’re being pulled in multiple different directions and a tester is amongst the requests, remember that they do more than simply go through the motions of slump tests. They are the gatekeeper to your project; moving your project forward and keeps liability at bay. Essentially, they reassure the owner that the quality of the received concrete is acceptable, giving them the OK to release funds keeping the payment and project on schedule.

Considering clarifying these topics for testers during a prepour discussion:

  • The requirements for the testing location and work area
  • Standard frequency of testing
  • Minimum testing qualifications
  • Distribution of testing data
  • Recording and reporting of test information
  • How the general contractor will work with the tester
  • Storage and transportation of the cylinders

In addition to keeping all parties accountable, tests are simply good practice. They maintain job site quality which is especially important to Kryton’s customers as our premium waterproofing products work best in premium conditions. Our products replace external membranes and while the performance is proven to greatly exceed that of membranes, they require use under best practices. You can read more about proper concrete placement in publications such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Portland Cement Association (PCA)

The jobsite will always be a small pond with lots of big fish. If you acknowledge that value of all of the contributors and their needs, ultimately it will be a smooth ride.

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