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Self sealed concrete

Left – concrete crack | Right – self-sealed crack

Self-Sealing is the ability to stop the flow of water by automatically closing cracks.

Krystol® Concrete Waterproofing self-sealing technology is based on principles that are very similar to the processes that occur during the hydration and hardening of concrete.


Importance of Self Sealing

  • Decreases water permeability (Increases corrosion resistance)
  • Re-seals new cracks that form during shrinkage, settling, etc.
  • Decreases long-term maintenance and repair costs


Four Main Mechanisms

  • Physical – Filler Effect and the swelling of Cement Matrix
  • Chemical – Continued Hydration and the precipitation of insoluble products


Filler Effect

  • Temporary Sealing – Debris carried into the crack by flowing water is deposited and clogs the flow of water.
  • Easily removable – high water pressure will wash away debris or degrade over time


Continued Hydration

  • Occurs when un-hydrated cement particles are exposed to water from the crack
  • The hydrating cement matrix seals by growing into the void between the crack walls
  • Ongoing process as long as un-hydrated cement is available



  • Main contributor to self-sealing
  • Formation of insoluble crystalline precipitates occurring over several weeks which deposits across the width of the crack
  • Krystol products act as a catalyst to accelerate the natural formation of precipitates.
  • KIM increases sealing capacity from 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm crack widths





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