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Kryton Research & Development Manager, Alireza Biparva, M.A.Sc. will be providing Concrete Leak Repair training hosted by Dr. Rishi Gupta at the University of Victoria on Friday, July 15th, 2016.

The training will consist of a presentation by Biparva, followed by hands-on training on how to repair leaking cracks in concrete using crystalline technology, specifically Kryton’s Krystol Leak Repair System.

20160527_150417“The Krystol Leak Repair system innovates the way the construction industry repairs concrete leaks effectively around the world,” Biparva states. “Unlike hit and miss systems such as epoxy, Krystol technology allows a leak to be fixed the first time for the life of the concrete.”

Biparva will be speaking to 4th year engineering students, as well as American Concrete Institute (ACI) Victoria Chapter members at the Civil Material Facility at the UVic campus beginning at 1:30pm. There he will touch on many concrete waterproofing topics, such as:

• How and why concrete cracks;
• Common methods of waterproofing and why they fail;
• Integral waterproofing and some science behind it; and
• Examples of where crystalline technology has been successful.

Gupta will open the event by touching on some of the successes in testing Kryton and UVic have experienced over the years. This includes the current 3-year testing joint venture where concrete and concrete additives are being tested in a number of different conditions. The purpose is to help concrete construction projects use building practices that result in a better, more durable structure.

Date: Friday, July, 15th, 2016
Time: 1:30-2:45
Location: Civil Material Facility

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