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Technical Support for Better Construction Project Outcomes

Having access to expert technical support can make the difference between your project’s success and failure. In a recent webinar, the Kryton team discussed how technical support makes a notable difference in developing effective communication, the ability to adapt to unique project scenarios, the prevention of installation errors, overcoming language barriers, and managing construction deficiencies.

In this short blog, we’ll run through each of these areas and explain how technical support can help.

1. Effective Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful construction project. Ensuring all stakeholders — including architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, and the client — are aligned from the beginning of the project eliminates potential disconnects and fosters a collaborative environment. 

Expert technical support helps in establishing early engagement and clear communication strategies, facilitating a streamlined, efficient, and safe construction process. Technical support teams act as intermediaries, ensuring that all stakeholders have the necessary information at the right time and in an easy-to-follow format — avoiding costly misunderstandings and rework.

2. Adapting to Unique Project Challenges

The construction field is fraught with unique and “non-typical” challenges that require creative and flexible solutions. Adapting to these circumstances without negatively impacting the project schedule or budget requires a deep understanding of the project and experience with similar projects and challenges in the past. 

Technical support teams — with their deep understanding of the project’s specifics and rich library of past experiences and consultant suggestions to draw upon — are instrumental in tailoring solutions to meet the project’s unique needs. This adaptability ensures that projects navigate through the most challenging scenarios with minimal disruptions.

3. Prevention of Installation Mistakes

Preventing installation errors before they occur is critical for maintaining project excellence and avoiding costly rework which. Studies have found that rework can be anywhere from 9% to 20% of a project’s total cost. Direct engagement with construction teams, along with clear, accessible instructions from technical support, significantly reduces the likelihood of mistakes. 

Regular site visits and hands-on demonstrations conducted by technical experts are pivotal in reinforcing correct application techniques. This hands-on approach ensures that all team members understand the best practices for installation, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming corrections later in the project.

4. Addressing Language Barriers

The diverse nature of today’s construction workforce presents unique challenges, including language barriers which can lead to miscommunication and increased errors and safety issues on site. 

Good technical support ensures the provision of multilingual documentation and simplified installation methods to help bridge communication gaps and efficiently manage labor resources. Visual, easy-to-understand instructions help diverse teams to ensure all crew members can contribute effectively to the project.

5. Effective Management of Construction Deficiencies

Studies show that the cost of deficiencies in constructionis in the  range of 5-10% of the total project cost. Identifying and correcting construction deficiencies promptly is vital for keeping costs down and keeping projects on track and maintaining high quality standards. 

Technical support plays a crucial role in educating crews about the correct application methods. For example, with post-applied concrete solutions, technical support will particularly emphasize the importance of proper surface preparation. 

For construction professionals, expert technical support is like having additional team members on the project. By leveraging technical expertise provided by suppliers like Kryton, your team will benefit from expertise and knowledge-sharing to help them navigate all the complexities of modern construction. 

For more information, watch the webinar hosted by Doug Adams, Technical Services Technician at Kryton International.

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