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700 West 8th, Vancouver, Canada - 2010 5th shoot (30)As the choices in concrete technologies continue to evolve, the shotcrete method of installing concrete continues to grow in popularity. Many shotcrete advocates would tell you that if you are not using structural shotcrete for your foundation walls, then you are doing your project a disservice, by taking too much time and spending too much money.

Structural shotcrete is becoming a preferred method of construction for foundations, tanks, parking garages and many other structures. Rather than pouring concrete into a moulded form, shotcrete is a method of spraying concrete from a hose under high pressure, allowing the structure to be built up in layers. The method is becoming increasingly popular with custom concrete structures, which would be difficult to shape using traditional formwork.

Image 1Crystalline waterproofing is best suited to shotcrete because as an integral system it cannot be damaged or fail due to poor workmanship. The Kryton’s waterproofing system can withstand extreme hydrostatic pressure and has a compatible crystalline waterstop that can withstand the rigorous shotcrete process. Additionally, Kryton’s system is a permanent solution, has an integrated repair system, and provides low cost and low risk.

Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) has been successfully featured in a long list of shotcrete projects – many which were in locations close to the water, or at high risk of water infiltration.


KIM Shotcrete Projects include:

VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver, Canada

700 West 8th, Vancouver, Canada

Riverport Flats, Richmond, Canada

Clos de la Tech, Woodside, USA

Riverfront Residences, Napa, USA

The Carlyle Residences, Los Angeles, United States

Scottsdale Waterfront, Arizona, USA

Talent Irrigation Shotcrete Canal, Talent, USA

Knowledge Village Office Building, Dubai, UAE

Suspended Pool, Port Melbourne, Australia

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