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Triple Crown EnterprisesTriple Crown Enterprises (TCE) is a highly respected general contractor, founded in Hamilton, Ontario in 1994.  TCE provides a full range of construction, maintenance and renovation services for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors, from small to large-scale projects. Though TCE focuses on primarily in the Ontario, Canada market, they have successfully completed many projects throughout North America, China, India and Asia Pacific.

As TCE is committed to delivering quality workmanship on time and on budget, the company is currently an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company. This quality control allows them to maintain a competitive edge offering accountable, consistent and reliable performance on services.

Krystol Crack Repair SystemWe sat down with TCE’s Civil Department, HENRY VAN GRONINGEN (General Manager), DAVE DUCHARME (Construction Manager), and ROB ANDREWS (Project Manager), to discuss why they use Kryton products. See what they had to say about their experience:

What is your history with Kryton?
Triple Crown Enterprises Ltd. (TCE) has used this product at the #4 Galvanizing line rework in 2011. We added Kryton product to the concrete at the batching plant and it was used throughout the mix in the floor and slabs below grade because there was an excessive water table below the finished floor elevation of the pit floor.

What you saw first time using the products?
The first time we used Kryton products, we witnessed crystal growth when it came into direct contact with water. It slowed the progress of the water enough to allow us to weld the pile caps and pour the base slab. This allowed us to achieve schedule and cost effectiveness.

What led you to want to become trained on the Kryton Systems?
Our goal at TCE is to become as knowledgeable as possible with Kryton products to create cost effective solutions for various issues that arise on unique sites. Using Kryton products allows TCE to maintain fast track schedules while maintaining costs and providing solutions to otherwise seemingly impossible odds. Kryton products are approved for water treatment plants and other sensitive environmental areas, which is important for many of the projects TCE works on.

What was it about the systems that has enticed you to continue working with them?
We have used Kryton products on several repairs and have found Kryton products to be quick and user friendly with fast turnaround.  These products are like “insurance” for future leaks when the proper measures have been followed. When we required assistance, Kryton provides support in problem solving. Kryton has also provided us with a representative who ensures everything is being completed as per their product recommendations.

The TCE team is fully trained in the application process of Kryton’s Krystol Crack Repair system, which is our permanent solution for repairing and waterproofing cracks, holes and joints is comprised of the following products: Krystol T1, Krystol Bari-Cote, and Krystol Plug. The Krystol Crack Repair system is installed in place of other less reliable crack repair systems and allows the concrete to be protected from any direction, even under high hydrostatic pressure.

To learn more about TCE and their services, visit them online at http://www.tceont.com/

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