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As a Vancouver based organization, we at Kryton International Inc. believe in giving back to our community as much as we can. This is the main reason behind lending our time and efforts to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver.

Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver’s mission is to build safe, decent, and affordable homes for extremely Kryton-Build-Day-1hardworking, yet low-income families. Their hope is that this model of ownership provided by the organization will break the cycle of poverty.

This is not a hand-out, but instead a hand-up.

Last year, 13 dedicated Krytonites volunteered their time and expertise to a Habitat for Humanity townhouse build project, which allowed six-families, who would otherwise not be able to afford a home in Metro Vancouver’s competitive housing market, to afford a home they can call their own.

Christmas-CheckKryton continues to support this cause, employees contribute to different fundraisers throughout the year, such as a bake sale, 50/50 draws and guess the number of jellybeans contest, which the company will match dollar for dollar, and then donate to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver during Christmastime.

Habitat for Humanity operates in 100 countries and builds approximately 250 homes in Canada each year through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials. They’ve just released their 2013 Annual report for review, and are hoping for the second half of 2014 to be better than ever.

They’re always looking for more volunteers, funds and materials to continue to build affordable housing for those families who would be otherwise unable to sustain ownership in the Metro Vancouver Real-Estate market.

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