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Shotcrete Stickman

KIM becomes a permanent part of the Shotcrete – no risk in damaging the waterproofing system.

Construction schedules are, for the most part, deadline driven, insomuch that a structure needs to be completed at a certain time so investors can begin making the money back they spent on the project. Developers, contractors and the like are looking for the fastest methods of building in order to hit these deadlines and, if all goes to plan, beat these deadlines.

Thankfully, the innovation of the versatile shotcrete method for placing concrete is becoming more and more popular around the world, saving construction products precious time and money.

Kryton International Inc. understands just how important it is for projects to be finished in the least amount of time, while accounting for the least amount of money. To that end, projects need to accomplish these tasks without sacrificing a structure’s durability, resiliency and sustainability.  Kryton has always led the charge in informing everyone how our products can be used to sustain the greatest return-on-investment for your construction project.

However, there are a few difficulties associated with the use of shotcrete:


  • Is commonly applied to a blind-wall form and there is no access to apply a membrane
  • Membranes that are hung on the form and shot against risk damage and torn seams
  • It is difficult to reliably waterproof around pipes and other penetrations
  • Shotcrete is known to shrink and crack more than cast-in-place

KIM Enhances the durability of the Shotcrete.

Thankfully, using Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete waterproofing admixture provides a solution that will waterproof any shotcrete project efficiently and effectively.

KIM & Shotcrete

  • KIM becomes a permanent part of the shotcrete – no risk in damaging the waterproofing system
  • KIM allows faster construction as there is no need to schedule installation of a membrane
  • KIM is an integral waterproofer and so there is no need to access the blindside of the shotcrete
  • Reduces cracking due to shrinkage
  • Reliably waterproofs around pipes and penetrations
  • Enhances the durability of the shotcrete

Additionally, using Kryton’s shotcrete waterproofing system will increase profitability and give you the peace of mind that Kryton’s expertise will mitigate the risk involved on your project.

All the information you need on shotcrete waterproofing ca be accessed through Kryton’s website.

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