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There is no question that Manufacturing in any jurisdiction is important to the overall economic development therein.


The Proclamation of ‘Manufacturers Week’.

British Columbia is no different.

The importance of manufacturing in BC cannot be understated, which is why the Government of British Columbia has proclaimed the week of October 12-18 as Manufacturing Week in B.C.

According to the provincial government, there are 12, 000 manufacturing companies in British Columbia, with Kryton International Inc. being one of those for the past 41-years.

Because of the Thanksgiving long-weekend, Manufacturers week kicked off this morning across the province. Vancouver-Fraserview MLA, Suzanne Anton made her way to the offices of Kryton to offer President & CEO, Kari Yuers a proclamation of the week. The government hopes that this week demonstrates its commitment to work with manufacturing companies to continue success and build into the future.

Kari - SA - Blog

Kari Receiving the proclamation from Anton in Kryton’s manufacturing plant.

As a BC Manufacturer for the past 41-years, Kryton manufactures and exports its products to more than 50 countries globally. With this growth, Kryton has been able to expand its workforce in BC, creating sustainable jobs in the community and was also named as one of BC’s best places to work four years in a row.

The BC government will be working with members from the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CMW) industry association, scheduling special events and plant tours throughout the month of October, which is known nationally as Manufacturing Month.

With manufacturing contributing $13.8 billion to the BC economy and 163, 500 direct manufacturing jobs in BC across all sectors, the importance of continuing an uphill climb for BC’s manufacturing sector is important for the government of BC to remain economically competitive in the future.

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