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Green Housing Model 3

Kryton Middle East Territory Manager, Fadi Farhat was on hand as Kryton’s representative

As should be the case in every country, government entities should be established to ensure citizens are able to attain proper living standards, and even improve upon their status quo.

In Dubai, the government created the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing EST (MRHE). This government branch aims at providing appropriate housing to those within Dubai by promoting services and various alternatives, such as government houses, ready houses, and issuing loans. Not only will these initiatives provide basic human living standards for citizens, but also stimulate the national economy through investment projects, as well as activating strategic partnerships within the private and public sectors.

This week, representatives from Kryton International Inc. were invited to the opening ceremony of an initiative the MRHE has been focusing on in Dubai. This ceremony was for the Green Housing Model where energy efficient design was used to ensure sustainable construction. Among the green building systems was the use of lighting with energy saving LED technology, installation of solar water heaters, and other environmentally friendly alternatives.

The MRHE was also showcasing the use of green concrete, which is to say that the concrete can be recycled at the structures end of life – working within the cradle-to-cradle model. In recent years, concrete is being recognized for its strong environmental benefits in support of creative and effective sustainable development. Not only is it important to create concrete that is durable and resilient enough to exceed life span expectations, but at that end, recycling of the concrete is important.

Green Housing Model 4

An award of ‘Thanks and Appreciation’ was given to Kryton, CWP, CEMEX, and all other contributors.

Kryton was able to provide the sustainable solution to meet these expectations for the Green Housing Model. The MRHE approved the use of Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete waterproofing admixture, as well as Krystol T1 & T2 for the below-grade tanks. Not only does the use of Kryton products ensure a watertight concrete barrier, but also eliminates the need for non-environmentally friendly SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) membranes and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) linings. These systems are subject to risks, such as improper installation, punctures, and failure under hydrostatic water pressure conditions, as well as not being an environmentally friendly solution to concrete waterproofing.

The use of KIM and Krystol T1 & T2 eliminates these risks and allows the concrete to be recycled at the end of life, making it the green solution for concrete waterproofing. Kryton distributor, Crystal Line Water Proofing (CWP) provided the Krystol technology and expertise for the concrete provider, CEMEX. For all the effort and contribution to the Green Housing Model, the MRHE gave a “Thanks and Appreciation” award to Kryton, CWP, CEMEX, and all those who contributed to the model.

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