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This week Kryton was one of 1600+ exhibitors who participated in North America’s largest exposition, networking, and educational event, the Buildings Show. The Metro Toronto Convention Center was packed with over 30,000 attendees comprised of consultants, spec writers, engineers, architects, building owners, contractors, suppliers, and students.


Our Krytonite Swelling Waterstop display.

Kryton’s booth was situated at the World of Concrete Pavilion section. Guests were intrigued by our zoomed-in display of our unique needle-shaped crystals, showcased through the lens of a digital microscope. The curiosity from the attendees resulted in conversations of Kryton and crystalline technology, creating an educational experience for those who are new to the topic.

Our new Krytonite Swelling Waterstop sample kits were also on display. We showed the before and after expansion versions of the Krytonite strips. Guests were amazed that the Krytonite Waterstop can swell up to 1000% of its original volume after exposure to water. Many requested for these sample kits. For some, the Krytonite samples brought back memories of the expandable water toys from their childhood.

Beside the Kryton booth was one of our top performing distributors, Form & Build Supply. Their booth attracted a lot of traffic, and it was very satisfying to see that level of activity from them. Their reps were lively, friendly, and energetic, and rightfully so created a buzz in their area. As a distribution partner, we are very happy with the success that Form & Build is having and we look forward to supporting them further.

The Buildings Show was an opportunity for Kryton to make new connections as well as continue to build a stronger presence for our existing audience. Familiar faces dropped by to say hello. New contacts requested information to be sent. Creating a positive experience for people at these shows and following up with each person we interact with is key, especially in a relationship-heavy industry.

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