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NEW for WOC 2019! World renowned Concrete Specialist and R&D Manager at Kryton International, Alireza Biparva will be presenting a seminar on abrasion and erosion resistance of concrete at The World of Concrete Conference in January 2019. His 90-minute session will dive into the common causes and impact of concrete wear, and discuss what parameters architects, engineers and contractors can use to determine the best abrasion-resistant methods for their upcoming projects.

Alireza Biparva has been studying the properties of concrete for more than a decade now. As a teaching and research assistant at The University of British Columbia, Ali studied the permeability of stressed concrete and High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete. He has been published in several industry publications, is the author of several whitepapers, and is a constantly sought-after speaker. His academic background (Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering, specializing in cement-based materials) is augmented by several years of on-site field interaction with applicators, contractors and specifiers in projects around the world. He regularly consults on technical questions relating to the permeability and durability of concrete structures. His years of research have been condensed into a two-day Concrete BootCamp Workshop in which he provides a comprehensive introduction to the chemical properties and nature of concrete.

This 90-minute session will offer a small glimpse of the Concrete Bootcamp Workshop with a special focus on hardening technologies used today. Traditional concrete hardening technologies in the industry include dry-shake hardeners, liquid densifiers and integral admixtures. The course will provide a thorough review of each solution and examine the merits and disadvantages of using each solution. In what situations can dry-shake hardeners be used? What are the limitations of liquid hardeners? Which of these solutions offer both abrasion and erosion resistance? How do integral admixtures work? Evaluate the merits and disadvantages of existing solutions with Ali and discover the right solutions for yourself.

The seminar is also eligible for 1.0 Learning Unit of Continuing Education Credits through the American Institute of Architects.

Sign up on or before January 10th to get early bird discounts!


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