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Kryton’s Head of R&D Presents at IC-IMPACTS Conference

Kryton’s Head of R&D, Alireza Biparva, B.Sc., M.A.Sc, LEED, presented as guest speaker on the topic of globalization of innovation in the construction industry at the 2019 Annual Research Conference by IC-IMPACTS on June 20, 2019.

IC-IMPACTS, The Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence aims to solve challenges facing both nations related to water, health, and infrastructure – hosts yearly conferences to provide opportunities for participants to network, share ideas, and review current research projects taking place in Canada and India.

Alireza’s presentation “Tapping into International Markets” explored pilot projects as an effective and sustainable method of introducing a highly technical product to new markets.

He first outlined the two main traditional ways of selling to new markets. They include “Trade” and “Technical” sales.

Trade Sales: Representatives of manufacturers who sell to wholesalers or retailers often employ trade sales to enter new markets. Sales representatives are assigned a specific geographic location and are responsible for a designated number of accounts. Their duties involve visiting the wholesaler or retailer, providing information on the latest products, closing sales, expediting orders, and dealing with complications or complaints. Goods range from grocery items to office goods to clothing.

Technical Sales: Technical sales reps also have designated accounts in assigned geographic locations for which they are responsible, but with a difference. Businesses employing technical sales require salespeople have the necessary technical background and understanding to represent them. Companies selling electronic equipment, bulk chemicals, building materials, and capital equipment like machine tools use technical sales to enter new markets.

The Challenge of Traditional Sales Strategies for New Markets

Traditional sales methods provide little opportunity for potential buyers to see the capability of products first-hand.  They must take salespeople at their word, often only after salespeople have spent a good deal of time cultivating a relationship in order to overcome the sense of risk a potential buyer always feels when considering a new product. Sales become even more challenging with highly technical products and/or product performance that depends on the accurate application.

Alireza proposed ways to entirely circumvent the challenges for selling:

Partner with Organizations like IC-IMPACTS

IC-IMPACTS is committed to building healthy communities and enhancing the competitiveness and prosperity of industrial sectors in Canada and India. They bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and highly qualified personnel who drive India-Canada innovation and leadership. Non-profit organizations like this one work with governments to identify urgent challenges, facilitate funding of research for possible solutions and source existing solutions already offered elsewhere in the world.

Global manufacturers become industry partners to help empower research advances and new technologies which can be brought to markets more quickly for testing and knowledge advancement. They provide feedback for the real-world uses and applications of technical products.

Kryton International is proud to be an Industry Partner with IC-IMPACTS.

Technological change and multinational organizations like Kryton are among the primary driving forces behind cross-border knowledge flows and economic globalization. When global industry leaders exchange knowledge about innovative technical products to solve the needs of global projects, it not only helps them enter a new market, it also streamlines the development of global economies.


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