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World of Concrete (WOC) 2020 was a newsworthy success for us here at Kryton! And we’d like to share the news with you. So join us today to get a recap on what we got up to before, during, and after the latest WOC trade show.

A white hard hat is sitting on an orange pole next to a Maturix Smart Concrete Sensor with sparks shooting up from behind.

Leading Up to the Event, We Established a New Partnership

Before WOC 2020 even got started, we were already making news! By mid-September, we had just partnered with Sensohive Technologies ApS, a data and sensor company from Denmark. And this new partnership meant we were proud to be the exclusive North American distributors for Sensohive’s Maturix™ technology.

Why proud?

Well, we have always strived to provide both reliable and advanced technology to the construction industry. After all, it allows us to help fellow industry professionals build even better while saving money and time in the process.

And Maturix technology will only increase the help that industry professionals receive!

Powering reusable concrete monitoring sensors, this technology will help contractors improve the quality of their concrete and speed up their worksite productivity. Contractors will no longer have to send someone to the worksite to determine the quality of a concrete’s developing temperature and strength. Instead, they can get accurate results sent directly to a digital device of their own choice in real time. And unlike with traditional industry sensors, they won’t even have to worry about the sensors expiring after a single use!

The orange carrying case for Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors rests against a white background with its lid open and next to a white sensor.

To Kick Off WOC 2020, We Brought Maturix™ Sensors to North America

We knew these sensors offered groundbreaking innovation. After all, other industry concrete sensors typically still need someone to go to the worksite to get their data. And they are often embedded in the concrete, making it impossible to reuse them. But Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors take away both these issues, cutting costs and time needed at the worksite.

With that in mind, it was clear to us that these sensors were going to revolutionize construction. They would make it make it more convenient and cost-effective. And contractors in North America deserved to have access to this technology.

So we chose to introduce the sensors’ to the North American market at WOC 2020. We felt it was a great opportunity to get in touch with the construction industry’s media professionals from North and Central America as well as Europe and Asia, and we were pretty excited about it. To make sure we were prepared, we set up a press conference so the media could hear from industry experts, such as our Vice President of Product Development, Kevin Yuers; the Maturix Sensors’ co-creator Tobias Ejersbo; and our Technical Sales Manager, Kris Till.

A crowd gathers in front of Kryton's Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors booth area.

Industry Professionals Got to See the Latest Sensor Features in Action

Of course, we didn’t just want to talk about Maturix Sensors. We also wanted the North American industry to see them doing what they do best: concrete monitoring. So we also had a booth at WOC 2020 showing off live demos of the Maturix Sensors. That way, industry professionals from all over were able to see or learn in person about a number of features the sensors offer, including:

  • Long-range data transmission – Using one of the largest Internet of Things networks around that is long range and requires little power, the Maturix Sensors can send contractors data on their curing concrete no matter where they are in the world.


  • Sensor reusability – Maturix Sensors have a battery life that lasts for up to 10 years, and they won’t expire after a single use. So contractors can repurpose them for a number of projects instead of having to continuously resupply their stock.


  • Hot or cold temperature monitoring – Whether the concrete that needs to be monitored is hot or cold in temperature, the Maturix Sensors will monitor and report the concrete’s strength and temperature results accurately.


  • Strength monitoring – The Maturix Sensors will also alert users when concrete has hit its strength targets or met or exceeded other critical thresholds.

Tobias Ejersbo

And They Even Got to Meet the Sensors’ Co-Creator in Person

We couldn’t end WOC 2020 without giving the Maturix Sensors’ co-creator a chance to shine! So by the third day of the event, Tobias presented his expertise on real-time monitoring. And we were happy to see so that so many people took an interest!

The World of Concrete logo rests against the backdrop of the Las Vegas Convention Center area.

If You Missed These WOC-Exclusive Events, We Hope to See You Next WOC

While we’re sure we got to meet a lot of you this year, some of you may not have had the chance. If you happen to be one of them, don’t worry! We aim to attend WOC 2021, and we can’t wait to see you there.

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