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No matter your role in construction, it’s always a good idea to keep up with industry news and trends. It helps you get a better idea of what is happening in the industry. And it can even help you predict future industry trends, putting you ahead of the competition.

Of course, this isn’t always easy to achieve. After all, the very nature of your work means you aren’t in front of a computer all day long. So how do you go about accessing the information you need within the short timeframe you have?

Luckily, that’s where our handy Concrete Thoughts eNewsletter comes in! Every month, an issue from our eNewsletter lands in the inbox of construction professionals like yourself to make their search for industry information just that much easier. Each issue provides readers with a curation of educational and newsworthy content that covers a number of topics, such as concrete waterproofing, durability, events, case studies, and more.

You can enjoy the same insight into construction news too when you subscribe. To see for yourself what we can offer you every month of the year, take a look at the following highlights from our past editions.

Several concrete admixtures are lined up in a row.

Two Experts Discussed Their Study on Crystalline Waterproofing Admixtures

To start, let’s look at one of the most popular pieces from one of our latest eNewsletter issues.

It was an interview that we held with two of our technical experts. From there, we delved into their most recently published study on crystalline waterproofing admixtures. We were excited to share details on a study that happened to be the first of its kind. While there have been previous studies surrounding crystalline waterproofing admixtures, this particular study is the only one to have investigated the micro aspects of these products.

In short, it was an intriguing bit of news to most of our readers as it proved that not all crystalline waterproofing admixtures are the same in quality or composition.

A construction worker is applying shotcrete with Smart Concrete technology.

We Defined the Top Smart Concrete® Technologies That Boost Productivity

In another eNewsletter issue, we offered readers a list of Smart Concrete technologies that they should keep an eye out for.

As a company that specializes in such technology, we knew how critical it could be for making concrete construction better and easier to manage. So we took our detailed understanding of the technology and provided in-depth descriptions of the top Smart Concrete technology that would really make a difference in concrete construction work.

A crane hovers over the structure of The Concord against a blue, cloudy sky.

Readers Got to See Case Studies on Significant Projects Like The Concord

Of course, we don’t just offer our informative blog posts to our readers. We also offer them a chance to view a case study every month. As a result, many construction professionals have gotten a look at a wide variety of concrete marvels. That includes ones like Alberta’s The Concord, which we helped protect from future flooding.

Kryton’s products have been used in all of these projects. So we’re able to offer readers good insights into the challenges that affected each project and how we resolved them satisfactorily.

Cranes from a worksite rest among a couple of buildings.

SmartBrief Published a Thorough Outlook on Construction for 2020

Outside our own content, we’ve also offered industry perspectives from different sources. For instance, to give readers a sneak peek at what 2020 trends might look like in general and for construction, we shared news from the publication SmartBrief.

This publication gave readers insight into the worldwide impact of the pandemic and also provided a more detailed look at its impact on construction. That way, readers had a better idea that at the time, construction was adapting to the pandemic at a daily rate.

A box containing Maturix Sensors sits at a worksite.

Engineering News-Record Listed a Maturix™ Collaborator as a Newsmaker

We were also proud to share that one of the collaborators in the development of our Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensors, Jacob Christensen, made Engineering News-Record’s (ENR’s) top 25 newsmakers. It wasn’t just a moment of pride for us, though. It also highlighted the importance of our sensors’ new data delivery approach to concrete maturity.

Before Maturix was developed, there was no satisfactory solution for monitoring concrete pressure inside of formwork. As a CEO of a Danish construction company, Christensen had discovered this dilemma for himself when trying to boost his company’s efficiency. However, he decided he would reach out to a tech company to develop a custom product. The result was the first truly wireless concrete monitoring sensors in the industry: Maturix™.

In short, they provided a quality improvement to concrete construction that ENR felt was an achievement worth commending. It wasn’t long afterwards that World of Concrete 2020 recognized this too, awarding Maturix with the Most Innovative Product Award.

Man wearing plaid shirt is using his smart phone to read Concrete Thoughts.

Want to See These Types of Industry Reports and More?

We understand that this type of industry news is important to everyone in concrete construction. So we offer a free eNewsletter to help everyone stay informed on the latest topics. Don’t miss out! Subscribe today for your own free curation of news on our eNewsletter page.

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