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Kryton’s distributor, Form & Build Supply is a concrete accessory, construction material supply company with 5 locations in SW Ontario. Form & Build Supply distributes a variety of products, including Kryton’s concrete waterproofing products that can be used from the start of project excavation to finishing interior/exterior touches in residential, commercial and heavy civil/structural markets.

  1. How did your company get started?

Form & Build Supply started in 1975 in London Ontario by Bill Ross with a pickup truck and a barn for product storage. Bill’s vision was to provide timely service, technical expertise and competitive pricing for local contractors.  

   2. What do you think about the current marketplace for waterproofing admixtures/solutions?

Integral crystalline waterproofing admixtures are becoming more and more commonplace in specifications and are a growing.  Currently, they represent a very small portion of the overall below grade waterproofing business. There is a lot of growth and upside to the marketplace.  

   3. What made you commit to becoming a Kryton Distributor?

Form & Build Supply were looking for a quality manufacturer that could supply both an integral and surface-applied product that was willing to work through distribution. Kryton had the reputation, products, and support we were looking for.   

   4. What Is it like working with the Kryton team?

Kryton is extremely supportive of us as a distributor and they understand that by helping us grow our business theirs grows as well. Kryton is a true business partner.   

   5. Who was your first Kryton customer?

Innocon Ready Mix was our first Kryton customer where we provided KIM treated concrete for the Sherbourne Common Project in downtown Toronto.   

   6. What is your favorite project that you have worked on with Kryton?

Copeland (Bremner St) Transformer Station in downtown Toronto. KIM was used in a belt and suspender application and is still one of our largest project sold to date. This project helped stabilize our reputation in the ready-mix market.   

   7. What is the Key to becoming and remaining a distributor?

Communication and promoting.   

   8. What was your company’s biggest accomplishment in 2016?

Our biggest accomplishment was having our best overall sales year as a company. Kryton was a large contributor in helping us reach this goal.   

   9. What is currently the biggest challenge a distributor faces?

Securing new and keeping existing customers in a very competitive industry.  

   10. How can distributors stay relevant in the industry? By providing the foundation we were built on, timely service, technical expertise and competitive pricing. Form and Build are known for their high-quality customer service and

By providing the foundation we were built on, timely service, technical expertise and competitive pricing. Form and Build are known for their high-quality customer service and broad range of product lines. Contact them today if you are interested in learning more about ordering Kryton’s concrete waterproofing products.

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