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  • Concrete Repair Projects Concrete Waterproofing Green Construction
    Vancouver Waterproofed Home

    Taking Concrete Homes to the Next Level

    Written by: Sarah Coull

    511 Craigmohr – West Vancouver High up on a hill in one of Canada’s wealthiest neighborhoods, a concrete home is...

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  • Concrete Repair Projects Green Construction

    MBS: A Slice of Hotel Evolution

    Written by: Sarah Coull

    This summer, the Vancouver Art Gallery is featuring an exhibit called Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life. The exhibit charts the...

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  • Concrete Repair Projects
    Worlds Deepest Building

    Building Down Instead of Up?

    Written by: Jillian Turner

    I came across an interesting discussion on Quora, the question was “Instead of building the world’s tallest skyscraper, why can’t...

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