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issues using external waterproofing membranes

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  • Concrete Best Practices Concrete Waterproofing Most Popular Sustainable Construction
    A building professional is lifting a torn membrane to see the reason for the waterproofing membrane failure.

    What Can External Waterproofing Membrane Failure Teach Architects about Sustainable Construction?

    Written by: Maggie Clark

    No matter your experience with waterproofing membrane failure, waterproofing breaches are not so easy to spot. In fact, according to...

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  • Concrete Best Practices Concrete Waterproofing
    A waterproofing membrane is attached to a concrete wall.

    Waterproofing Membranes: Should You Use Them?

    Written by: Johnny Nassif

    Waterproofing membranes are commonly used to protect structures against hydrostatic pressure. The idea behind them is simple. They keep the...

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  • Concrete Best Practices Concrete Industry News

    Wrong Waterproofing Choice Proves Catastrophic for Elliot Lake Mall

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    In June 2012, the tragic collapse of the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake Ontario claimed the lives of two...

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