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Concrete Thoughts

Marina Salvador, B.Sc.Eng., is an instructional designer for Sensohive Technologies ApS, a Danish tech company that produces wireless sensors and user-friendly software systems for real-time data. Marina's work for Sensohive focuses on improving the customer journey and educational content around Maturix®, a smart solution for wireless concrete monitoring. It is a complete solution for monitoring the concrete hardening process from anywhere at any time. With Marina's knowledge in product development and innovation and specialization in e-learning, she created the Maturix Knowledge Center as a valuable resource that provides insights into concrete maturity, monitoring solutions, and general concrete curing processes.

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  • Concrete Sensors
    On the left side, there's an image of a Maturix Sensor hanging from a construction worker's belt, and on the right, there is a tablet being held by someone that shows the maturity method data the sensor supplies.

    What Is the Maturity Method?

    Written by: Marina Salvador

    Over the past year or so, you’ve gotten to learn about our latest product, the Maturix® Smart Concrete® Sensors, and...

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