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The Motown Movement is a non-profit organization that was founded by three Dutch architecture students, Bob, Ronen en Dominik. Bob and Ronen visited Detroit in summer 2015 and saw an architecturally beautiful city that has very few rules, lots of vacant lots, and people with a vibrant do-it-yourself spirit. Together with Dominik they decided to put the knowledge of their bachelor degree into practice and set up a non-profit in Detroit to spread a new method for home rehab: low-budget and do-it-yourself, focused on making existing houses more sustainable, keeping long-term Detroit'ers in their homes. They returned to Detroit 3 more times over the next two years, building relationships with partners, acquiring the house to rehab and talking to neighbors about their wants and needs. They are currently in Detroit on their fourth and final visit to collect funds by crowdfunding and doing the complete rehab of the house.

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  • Sustainable Construction
    Sustainable Housing

    Creating Sustainable Buildings with the Motown Movement Project

    Written by: Martha Kosters

    Climate change is real. Winds tearing through houses. Waves engulfing cities. Extreme temperatures in temperate climates. Whether climate change is...

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