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  • Sustainable Construction
    Two miniature white turbines sit on top of architecture plans for Passive House and net-zero construction next to a cardboard tube, a pair of glasses, and two pencils.

    What’s the Difference between Passive House and Net-Zero Construction?

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    As the concrete industry worldwide looks to make net-zero-carbon concrete possible by 2050 and net-zero construction itself becomes more popular,...

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  • Concrete Best Practices Concrete Industry News Sustainable Construction

    Conventional vs. Sustainable Design

    Written by: Alireza Biparva

    Each and every day people around the world make important economic decisions in order to be able to continue their...

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  • Concrete Best Practices General Concrete Practices

    Life Cycle Cost Analysis: Sustainable Design

    Written by: Alireza Biparva

    In a blog from earlier this week, we discussed the limitations on bringing a “conventional design” approach to a project....

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