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    The orange carrying case for Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors is sitting on pavement near a construction site.

    World of Concrete 2020 Recap: Making Way for Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensors

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    World of Concrete (WOC) 2020 was a newsworthy success for us here at Kryton! And we’d like to share the...

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  • Concrete Best Practices Concrete Technology
    A Maturix Sensor is hanging off the pants of a construction worker.

    Case Study: Using Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensor Technology to Estimate Concrete Maturity On-Site

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    Østerport Station in Copenhagen contained several post-stressed floors to be used in the multi-story project. Every floor required the concrete...

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