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  • Concrete Industry News Industry News Most Popular
    Scientists at Kryton's lab handle Smart Concrete products.

    Interview: Exploring Concrete Admixtures with Kryton’s Technical Experts

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or contractor, you’ve likely had to take some time to consider one of the most...

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  • Concrete Best Practices General Concrete Practices Most Popular
    A magnifying glass is on a concrete floor, waiting to help someone take a closer look at the white stuff on their concrete.

    Durability Testing – Water Permeability Test

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    Over the past couple of weeks we have been going over a number of different methods to  use for durability...

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  • Concrete Best Practices Most Popular

    Three Ways to Measure the Durability of Concrete

    Written by: Alireza Biparva

    Concrete is a durable material. The durability of concrete is defined by the ability of concrete to resist weathering action,...

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