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    The orange carrying case for Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors is sitting on pavement near a construction site.

    World of Concrete 2020 Recap: Making Way for Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensors

    Written by: Maggie Clark

    World of Concrete (WOC) 2020 was a newsworthy success for us here at Kryton! And we’d like to share the...

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  • Concrete Best Practices Concrete Industry News General Concrete Practices

    Kari Yuers on CKNW Tuesday for CEO Series

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    Over the past month, CKNW’s Simi Sara has been hosting the Chief Executive Series on CKNW 980 in Vancouver, British Columbia. She...

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  • Concrete Industry News

    International Forum Opens Doors for the Future of Concrete

    Written by: Kari Yuers

    Concrete has been around in different forms for thousands of years, but the last few decades have shown new innovation...

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  • Sustainable Construction

    Is Concrete Unsustainable?

    Written by: Kevin Yuers

    The concrete industry has taken some heat lately on the issue of sustainability. Certain groups or individuals who are concerned...

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  • Concrete Best Practices

    Hot weather creates challenges for construction industry

    Written by: Alireza Biparva

    While many industries flourish in warm climates, high temperatures and humidity also create a number of challenges for the construction...

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  • Concrete Best Practices General Concrete Practices
    Kryton's logo consists of a yellow diamond behind a gray webbed globe that has the name "Kryton" over top of it.

    Gulf Cooperation Council economically resurgent

    Written by: Kryton Marketing

    – by Staff Writer, Concrete Thoughts, Kryton International According to a recent report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF),...

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  • Sustainable Construction
    Kryton's logo consists of a yellow diamond behind a gray webbed globe that has the name "Kryton" over top of it.

    LEED pros to have latest green building know-how

    Written by: Alex Emlyn

    Big changes to the credentialing system of Canada’s green building world are coming. A new three-tiered credentialing system will be...

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